Dismissed, With Prejudice

SEAN: …No one could possibly understand the depths of you. But you presume to know everything about me because you saw a painting of mine, and you ripped my fucking life apart. You’re an orphan, right? You think I know the first thing about how hard your life has been, how you feel, who you are […]

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Christmas Shopping

The world is too much with us; late and soon, Getting and spending we lay waste our powers; … William Wordsworth, “The World Is Too Much With Us” I’m not sure what exactly this post will have to do with Unitarian Universalism, but ’tis the season. I feel like tonight I have a chance to […]

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Do You Have Servants?

It is the custom of “Society” to abuse its servants,—a façon de parler, such as leads their lords and masters to talk of the weather, and, when rurally inclined, of the crops,—leads matronly ladies, and ladies just entering on their probation in that honoured and honourable state, to talk of servants, and, as we are […]

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That Was Hasty.

I loathe blogs when I look at them. Blogs look, to me, illiterate. They look hasty, like someone babbling. Paul Theroux, as quoted in The Atlantic, 17 May 2011 I was hasty in deciding to suspend this blog. There is a lot I need to get off my chest, and I don’t mean just this […]

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Oh Well.

I’m discontinuing this blog. Every day I since I began writing it, I’ve seen statements in UU discussion boards about the evil 1% and their kleptocratic domination of everything that’s not working in society. I think I need to accept that in a time when Bernie Sanders has fired up political liberals and billionaire Donald […]

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Shoot, Some Ladders

Jem kicked off his shoes and swung his feet to the bed. He propped himself against a pillow and switched on the reading light. “You know something, Scout? I’ve got it all figured out, now. I’ve thought about it a lot lately and I’ve got it figured out. There’s four kinds of folks in the […]

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More On That Later.

Behind every great fortune there is a crime. —Balzac Mario Puzo (paraphrasing Honoré de Balzac), epigraph for The Godfather, 1969 Smuggling. Possibly others along the way, but centuries ago it seems it began with smuggling. No criminal enterprises underway now, pinky swear. Commercial real estate these days. I see a dilemma. On the one hand, I want […]

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