But Even at Night, You Can Stab Someone with a Sundial.

A clock that stands still is sure to point right once in twelve hours.

Joseph Addison in The Spectator, 1711

I have the same objections to libertarian-ism as all my fellow Liberal co-Religionists. Still, I found myself agreeing with much—no, not all—of this article when I bookmarked it last year. Sure, consider the source but, keeping a truly open mind, please see what you think.


Image: “No More Oversleeping,” Rube Goldberg

2 thoughts on “But Even at Night, You Can Stab Someone with a Sundial.

  1. I don’t object to people having wealth, and the level of wealth really makes no difference. But I do object to the tremendous disparities in compensation levels, for toe reasons. One, the wage gap in the United States is out of line with the relative contributions made at various levels of an organization. But, maybe more important, my other reason is that we have created a super-compensated managerial class, rewarded for bureaucratic, rather entrepreneurial skills. And that throws a monkey wrench into free enterprise.

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    1. I do object to too much wealth being in the hands of too few; it reduces the productivity of that capital. I just don’t know where to draw the line. I will say the billions of offshore dollars Apple has sandbagged in Ireland to me represent the worst form of that excess: profit taken for the sake of taking profits, benefiting nobody and representing a massive theft of labour from assembly line workers in China.

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